a painting of a man holding a heart
tarot cards laying on a bed with pink and blue designs
a painting of a woman with a heart on her face

Class Videos

a woman sitting in a cave with the words share your voice
a woman in a red shirt is leaning against a wall with a triangle logo

Online course

light your light tarot cards by fredecca campbell

Here is the painting I created for PPP 2019

PPP 2019 a beautiful online course created by the lovely Kiala Givehand!

This course is all about gaining tools to help us strengthen our intuition and gain more insight into our self awareness. Getting curious and being honest with ourselves about what really drives us from the inside, out. ❤️ For more info and to register click on link above. http://bit.ly/ppp2019soulart

Work Your Light Oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell

i'm teaching in pull pen paint 2019